The Benefits of Pre and Post Sports Massage

During the course of the winter Olympics, it is important for all athletes to implement pre and post event sports massage into their preparation and recovery program!

At this level, the winter Olympians train at a high level of intensity and are looking at improving their conditioning and enhancing their performance.

Ideally we would be including deep tissue/sports massage as part of their weekly training regime!

Pre Event Sports Massage

We recommend a 10-20 minutes of sports massage on the day of the event or closer to the time of the event!

In sport, psychology plays an important roll at this time! While the sports massage is been preformed we actively encourage the athletes with positive feedback such as their muscles are feeling good and they seem to be well prepared for the event ahead!

Enabling the athlete to relax and focus on the task ahead for the event they are about to perform!

The pace of the massage is stimulating and brisk with bring warmth to the superficial tissue of the body to increase blood flow to the deeper muscles, we also we also run the joints through their Range of motions to increase lubrication and to also stretch the muscles gently!

A Pre-event sports massage we would be including these Techniques!

  • Friction to create heat and warmth to the superficial tissue

  • Compression to increase blood flow to the muscles

  • Range of motion of the joints to decrease joint stiffness

  • Gentle stretching to prepare the muscles for warm-up

Our goal of a pre-event massage is to have the athlete prepared for the competition ahead!

Post-Event Sports Massage

Post-Event Sports massage is given immediately after the event!

It will be calming and relaxing!

It's is designed to help in recovery from the event in-

  • Reducing muscle soreness and cramping

  • Flush out the lactic acid build-up

  • Reduce the post event soreness

  • Re-establish Range of Motion in joints and muscles

  • Add blood flow to the tight muscles

  • Relaxing the body and the mind

  • Reduce scar tissue and adhesions

An effective post-event sports massage aids an athlete to feel better immediately after the event! Along with the psychological boost that comes with the massage, it allows the athlete to recover more quickly!

I am sure at the winter Olympians they will continue with sports massage as their weekly training regime, to aid in keeping them in peak performance to aid in future pre-event and post-event performance!

If you’re an amateur or semi-professional athlete

And looking at the importance of keeping your body at its peak performance!

You can count on Cheryl Clarke or Danae English at Synergy Sports and Wellness Nunawading for all your Pre –and Post event sports massage needs!

Book now by calling 98780364

For all your Pre-and post events sports massage you can book with Cheryl Clarke or Danae English your friendly Myotherapists!

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