Dr. Chloe Abbott

Dr Chloe Abbott completed her five-year Bachelor of Health Sciences (Complimentary Chiropractic) / Master of Clinical Chiropractic degree from RMIT Melbourne.

She is a dedicated Chiropractor that is passionate about the well-being and holistic care of her patients. Chloe has a great passion for adjusting people from all walks of life with a special interest in Sports Chiropractic. She believes in always keeping her knowledge and skills current and recently completed her Sports Chiropractic Diploma ICSSP which enables her to work at leading sporting events.

She enjoys the diversity of techniques in Chiropractic and use the appropriate technique to achieve the best result for her clients. 
Through Chiropractic Chloe’s goal is to maximise physical potential and (more importantly) decrease the risk of injury, working with both athletes and non-athletes.